5 Best Trends of SEO in 2019

Search engine optimization is a dynamic and ever-evolving process. Many SEO strategies that worked in the past now no longer do. If you want to see your business on the search engine’s top rank, there are newer trends you need to follow. Some of the best ones of 2019 are given below:

Video Content

SEO has been linked to written content for years. However, these days, studies suggest that over 54 percent of viewers want video-based content. In a bid to meet this rising demand, businesses are now incorporating relevant keywords in their video channel’s title and descriptions. Businesses which perform video marketing are seeing more engaged visitors.

Search Intent

Keyword stuffing has no place in modern-day search engine optimization. These days, it is the search intent that matters. Search intent involves predicting your visitors’ needs and giving them exactly what they want. This can include giving relevant information and answers to audience queries, pointing them in the right direction through navigations to get those answers and performing various web-mediated activities.

Social Media

If your brand does not have a social media account, it is irrelevant and invisible. Social media helps you gain clout. Over 90 percent of millennials actively use social media. If your business is keen on boosting its online image, regularly posting content and engaging visitors on social media is a must.

Long-Form Content

Long-form content still rules though now you need to break it into small “snack-sized” pieces. This not only allows you to pack a punch into your content, the shorter segments make it easy to digest. There are several online tools that can assess your content for quality and readability. Properly done content can help turn more leads into sales and improve your organic SEO rankings.

Mobile-Friendly Experiences

People are now using more mobile phones than desktop or laptop computers to make their online purchases. If your website is not optimized according to mobile standards, it will not rank in your mobile’s search engine ranking. Your business website also needs to be responsive to different screen sizes and should load quickly, or your audience will quickly leave, resulting in a higher bounce rate.

Incorrectly done SEO can break your website, so it is best to get professional help if you have no experience in the optimization field. If you need SEO in Calgary, C2Media can create a perfect strategy for you that can help your website rank. Visit us at https://www.c2media.ca/seo-strategy/ or call us at 403-971-8199 today.

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