5 SEO Risks to Avoid

A lot of businesses don’t see eye to eye when it comes to search engine optimization. That’s because there is a lot of misconception about the strategy. Although many of its tactics may not make sense for people who are not familiar with SEO, an effective strategy will bring you positive results if you give it some time.

If you are one of the digital or social media companies in Calgary, we can prevent you from falling into some of the most common pitfalls of SEO.

1. Creating Doorway Pages

Doorway pages are website pages that are designed to rank highly in response to specific search terms. However, these pages are bad for your website since they result in duplicate content. Smart optimizers steer clear away from making these pages because Google hates this black hat strategy and penalizes these sites. The only way you can use them is if they offer unique, value-added content; in other words, act exactly like a regular information-rich content page for your site.

2. Disavowing Random Backlinks

Google asserts that websites should not worry about low-quality backlinks that they have acquired over the ages, until and unless the websites themselves have something to do with them. That’s because the search engine’s algorithm can differentiate between your normal links and the spammy backlinks you acquire and will not hurt your website’s ranking based on them.

However, if you have links that were acquired through paid means or were unnaturally placed, you should disavow only those.

3. Deleting Important Pages

It may make sense to delete an entire webpage, especially if the product or service it previously promoted has been discontinued. However, deleting an entire page means you will lose all the keywords the page ranked on. This can affect the ranking of your entire website.

Instead of deleting the page, you can leave a message for your customer and then redirect them to a page that offers similar things.

4. Using Exact Keywords

Creating a keyword list requires a lot of effort, and once you have it, you want your website to rank on those exact keywords. However, this practice was blacklisted ages ago when people started exploiting it and using excessive amounts of exact-match keywords in their content and anchor text — whether they look natural or not.

Since then, Google has been cracking down on websites who go overboard with this practice. A more natural way of adding keywords is to use LSI and long-tailed keywords.

5. Constantly Making Small Changes

Although Google loves fresh, updated content, constantly making small changes to your website will raise red flags for the search engine, and it will deem it as a tactic to manipulate the rankings. Over time, you may be penalized for your suspicious behavior. Your users may also find it hard to navigate your website because of the sheer number of changes every time they visit.

SEO comes with its own share of risks; some of them are worth taking, while others are not. If you want to perform SEO in Calgary, C2Media can help you. We are an online marketing and advertising agency in Calgary which can help you skyrocket your rankings. Contact us at info@c2media.ca.

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