6 Ways to Get More Engagement on Social Media Platforms

A lot of companies that work on social media face the problem of low user engagement. Although this issue is quite common, ignoring it for too long can have a huge negative impact on your business in the long term.

If you want to keep your followers engaged and keep the conversation going, here are a few things you should do on your social media platforms:

Create Exclusivity

Make your online community feel they are part of an elite and exclusive club. When people feel special, they are more likely to visit your page frequently and engage. One of the ways you can do this is to give your loyal followers a name.

This will give them an identity and make them feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. It will also create an aura of intrigue and others who are not yet part of the inside circle may also want to join in.

You can also create a recurring theme in your content which your followers can identify with and discuss in their own comments. This can educate new followers and increase social media engagement.

Find Triggers to Boost Engagement

You can trigger your audience into engaging by researching their likes and dislikes and then turning the information into entertaining, educational content. For example, pets and babies have the potential to trigger an “awww” response from your audience. Even though they may not have much to do with your content, it will help people start a conversation.

Use Emotions

People are emotional creatures. Consider why charity organizations show heartbreaking images before asking for donations. If your social media content does not resonate with the emotions of your audience, you will not get any engagement.

But it doesn’t mean you need to make people cry to achieve your goal. You can make them laugh, feel passionate about an issue, or feel warmth in their hearts with a story. Make your audience feel.

Gamify Conversations

Gamify is a very easy, cost-effective and fun way to increase social media engagement. You can play a quizzing game with your visitors and ask your audience to guess the answer to what you are talking about.

Another great gamification tactic is to award non-monetary currency or reward points to followers who engage the most with your content. You can give them a small freebie, access to locked features, or just a shoutout on your platform. This can help create a healthy competition among your visitors as well.

Encourage Discussions

An engaged online social community needs to have people who not just talk to the business but among themselves as well. These conversations can form connections among your followers and your platform will act as a connector. This will increase user loyalty as well as increase engagement.

Never End Conversations

If you detect a potential conversation, seize the opportunity. For example, if someone praises you on a new video, don’t just reply with a thank you. Keep the conversation going by asking them questions like what was their biggest takeaway was. This way you engage with your audience, who will engage more with you in the future because they feel that you care.

Social media platforms require traffic and engagement to get traction. If you have been creating content that people want but still cannot encourage interaction, comments or reactions, try the tips above. If you are a social media company in Calgary, C2Media can help you bring your A-game to the table. We offer online marketing in Calgary and have helped hundreds of businesses achieve success over the years.

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