7 Practical Tips to Manage Your Reputation Online

A lot of people don’t understand what reputation management is. Others think it is a shady practice performed only by questionable companies. However, your online reputation is essential for your business or brand.

Everyone has a right to express their opinion; however, when that extends to false information, defamatory language and an attempt to damage your company, you need to put a stop to it.

Here are some of the things that you need to do to ensure the continued credibility of your online business:

Become Respectable

Make people respect your brand by always being transparent, quickly responding to issues and disseminating true information. Trust is essential in any business.

Monitor Your Mentions

Make sure you monitor not just your social media mentions but other online mentions as well. What people say on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram has a huge impact on your business. It can actually make or break your business.

React Promptly

If someone has filed a complaint or a bad review about your company, do not quickly attack them. However, you do need to respond immediately to the accusation politely. You can thank the customer for bringing your attention to the problem and let them know you are figuring out what went wrong. Then follow through on your promise and get back to them with more information.

Clean Up Your Google Results

Almost 80 percent of your traffic comes from Google. If a customer searches your business name and they are confronted with negative statements like “rip off” or “fraud” associated with your brand, you can be sure they won’t click on your website link.

Understand Your Critics

A lot of time, criticism does not sprout from rivals or defamers but from a business’ own customers. If this happens to you, it can be a chance for you to learn more about your customers and their likes and dislikes. This can help you create a better brand message in the future.

Attack Illegitimate Adversaries

Sometimes the only recourse left to a business is to attack people or organizations that falsely brand and tell lies about your business. In this case, it may be necessary to take legal action against them; otherwise, they may never stop.

Learn From Mistakes

If you made an honest mistake and receive criticism from all quarters, do not deny it; you need to come clean about it and let your customers know what you are doing to fix the problem. Then never do the same thing again. This can actually help improve brand loyalty.

Remember, online reputation is not child’s play and a wrong move can break your business. It is alright to ask for help from professionals. C2Media is an online advertising agency in Calgary that has helped online marketing and social media companies in Calgary. Contact us today at 403-971-8199 or email us at info@c2media.ca.

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