How To Get Your Website Indexed Quicker

When it comes to search engine optimization, speed is of the essence.

When you post new content, you want your visitors to find it as quickly as possible in the search engine results. Fortunately, there are a number of tricks you can use to help nudge Google to index your website quickly.

Here they are:


Google already provides us with wonderful tools that can help it index your newly-built website or new content. The quickest way is to use the URL Inspection Tool, which you can find on Google’s Search Console. The tool allows you to submit your page’s URL and request a search engine to crawl it. This way, your URL goes into a priority list and your site gets crawled and indexed quickly.


Another good way to get your URLs indexed quickly is to use sitemaps. Simply put, a sitemap is a list of URLs on a website. To get Google to index your sitemap quickly, you can put it in your robot.txt file. A robots.txt file is a text file that instructs crawlers how to index pages on the website. If you include the location of your sitemap in this file, the search engine can come and crawl it quickly.

You can also submit your sitemap in Search Console Sitemap Report or the Search Console API. However, one of the coolest ways to inform Google of your sitemap is to ping it. Simply type and place your sitemap URL in the field. Google will instantly file the sitemap for crawling and your pages will quickly get crawled if they are compliant with Google’s standards.

Google Indexing API

Google and Bing both have APIs which can help automate and speed up indexing of your webpages. Both these search engines can index thousands of URLs via their API. Although Google previously said that their API should only be used for livestream structured data or job posting, the API actually works well for a lot of different types of content.


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