Why Online Reputation Management Works So Well for Blogs

It is common for companies to be bombarded with negative insinuations and comments from their competitors and unsatisfied users. When your reputation is on the line, one of the most effective tools you can use to fend off negativity is blogging.

Here is why blogs are so great for managing your online reputation:

Fast Ping:

Traditional websites, especially those that do not update regularly, do not have any system that can offer them fast indexing. Sometimes, it takes a search engine bot months to come and crawl the website. However, a blog post can benefit from pinging and alerting search engines. Pinging helps crawlers come to your blog within minutes and help in creating fast search engine recognition. If you get a negative comment, your blog can add content that refutes or explains it, and it will be indexed almost immediately. Your blog can then lead the crawler to your core website for further indexing.

Quick Reply:

The great thing about a blog is that it can be created very quickly, as compared to a custom website. A website cannot quickly respond to issues due to layers of technical staff needed to make changes. However, anyone who has access to the back-end of the blog can make changes without much technical knowledge. This means that a company can reply quickly to any negative comment through the blog. Once the issue has passed, it can also quickly remove the blog post from view. A blog can also be used to serve as a secondary source to correctly expand your corporate message.

More Control:

Blogs are interactive, and most of them allow their users to comment on their postings. The wonderful thing about blogs is that if a user posts a negative comment about the parent brand’s product or service, you can quickly resolve the issue and misunderstanding through the comment section. Barring that, you can also choose to moderate the comments before displaying them. Irrelevant and derogatory comments can also be deleted.

Increase Awareness: Your blog can send out a ping to search engines every time a blog posting has been created. This means crawlers will more frequently index your blog and will have more chances to get to your website as well. This can be very advantageous in that it helps a brand delivers the correct message as well as increase its online awareness and build credibility.


If you are interested in doing online marketing in Calgary, you need to understand that a blog is not a replacement for a website. You still need a website for people who are interested in your products and services. However, many social media companies in Calgary know that a blog can do wonders for increasing online presence, improving traffic, countering negativity, and ranking you highly in the search engine result pages.

C2Media is an online advertising agency in Calgary which can help you improve your business’ online reputation and increase its credibility in a very short time. Contact us at info@c2media.ca or 403-971-8199 to avail our services.

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