SEO: 5 Free Tips That Will Help You Rank

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows you to perform from a checklist of search engines’ best practices so that your website is up to standards and can rank in all relevant areas. Well implemented SEO is one of the key elements that can help your website rank high in the search engine results.

Competitor Analysis

The first thing we recommend you do is to research your competition. To do that, you can clear your browser’s cache or jump to “private browsing” so that Google does not show you results influenced by your past searches. Look at the top 10 websites on the first page of Google; research them thoroughly to see where you believe there could be room for improvement.


Finding the right keywords and using them appropriately may be the most essential elements of SEO. Focus on the products and services that you are looking to sell and then go to online tools, like Google Keyword Planner, to find out what queries people are actually using to find out about similar services. Once you have a list of medium to high volume keywords, you can incorporate them in your website:

  • Your page title should contain relevant keywords. As an example, if you’re looking to appear under ‘Flower Shops Calgary’, ensure that your page title includes the keyword ‘Flower Shop’.
  • Your blog or website should contain visual content like images, infographics, and video. You can tell Google what the image is about by adding image title and alt text. The image title is the name of the image you are uploading while the alt text appears when the picture on your website does not load due to any issues.
  • Also, incorporate your keyword into your URL as it shows not just Google, but your customers as well, what the post is about.


Your website content should not just include text, but as mentioned above, visual elements as well. Whether you run a blog or an e-commerce store, our website content should be unique, engaging and should provide value to customers. You need to create content that resonates with the audience and keeps them coming back for more. At the same time, your content should include keywords.

Internal Links

Make sure you link your website pages to other relevant pages on your website. This does not only prompt the search engines to deep-crawl your website, but it also offers customers access to articles that they otherwise might never have found on their own.

Number of Pages

A robust website will always be better in the eyes of Google as opposed to a landing page or a smaller website. Reason being is a richer website will have more room to include content, pictures, videos, links, and anything pertinent that we have discussed on this blog. You just need to make sure your content is up-to-date and relevant. Furthermore, the more pages a website has, the more likely a customer will spend more time on it. The more time spent on your site, the lesser the bounce rate and the better it is for your SEO efforts.

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