Why Your Web Design Is So Important for Your E-Commerce Site

Have you ever experienced searching for a hard-to-find product only to land on a badly-designed e-commerce website? Chances are that you did not risk putting your order there but went back to the search results to look for a better-looking business.

That’s how important a good e-commerce website design is to businesses. It can either help you gain customers or lose them.

Here is what a good website design can do for your online shopping brand:

Catches Attention

Humans are visual creatures. As such, they are captivated by beautiful things. However, they also have the shortest attention span of all creatures — even shorter than a goldfish. If they don’t like your design, they will turn their attention elsewhere. A beautiful website design, free of clutter with a simple color palette, can help catch the attention of your visitor.

Easy navigation is also very important as it can easily tell the customer what the site is about and how they can go to the next page. Therefore, your website design acts as a marketing tool and is often the first place where your visitors will build their impression of your brand.

Easily Integrate Information

A well-put-together website design will have all the important information on its pages — even the kind that does not attract customers. For an e-commerce website, this includes order and delivery details, terms and conditions, returns and replacements policies, and a careers section.

Some of these sections, like the terms and conditions, are legally required to be placed where they can easily be found by the customer. However, good website design will make sure they do not become the center of its main pages.

Offers Better User Experience

A customer may chance upon your website through the search engine rankings and land on your e-commerce page at any stage of the buying journey. Regardless of how they enter your website, they must have access to easy navigation and must be able to move without any issues through the site, even though they may be a first-time visitor.

A simple UX design, made with the user experience in mind, will allow users to navigate through the e-commerce site easily. This serves to increase the overall engagement that users will have with your website.

Since most people now use mobile phones to do their online shopping, it is also important that your website is mobile-friendly and responsive.

More Sales

Did you know that 53 percent of customers will leave your website if it doesn’t load in three seconds? A good e-commerce platform will need to have optimized images and videos to provide the customer with a good visiting experience. Additionally, all media needs to be out in an organized and professional way to reflect your business. This increases credibility, which generates leads, which then converts to sales.

If you need an e-commerce website that is beautiful, easy to use, and engaging, C2Media can help you with it. We are an advertising agency in Calgary that has helped to develop hundreds of beautiful websites for successful brands. Get in touch with us at info@c2media.ca today.

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