What is SEO?

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is an essential component of your digital blueprint. SEO is a marketing solution that helps your website be found on Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo – organically. *Organic refers to non-paid placement.

SEO is vital in driving traffic to your website for increased trust and profitability.

It is proven that websites that are found on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo, gain trust and authority. High visibility on search engines will improve customers’ opinion on a company, while raising its chances of converting potential clients.

What is an Algorithm in SEO?

According to various sources, Algorithm is a complex process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations by a computer. Makes sense, right? Didn’t think so. Let’s try again: Google, Bing and Yahoo set parameters (rules) to be followed for a website to successfully rank.

In SEO, the algorithm consists of many factors which determine which websites are first page worthy. Some of these include, but are not limited to backlinks, keywords, content, and page authority, just to name a few.

Do words hurt?

Content was always king, and it’s still sitting high on its throne. Websites rich of content, easy to read, and containing relevant keywords tend to rank better than those lacking these components. So next time you’re wondering if you should add content to your site, go for it so you don’t risk being left behind.

Another player in the SEO game…Social Media

Social media is another great tool to help the success of your SEO. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are fantastic resources to help drive traffic to your website through compelling posts. Bonus? The more shares your posts receive, the more it assists your SEO efforts.

Did you know? Google sees over 40,000 searches every second

That equals to over 3.5 billion searches per day!

For the love of keywords!!

Keywords are another key component in SEO. Although you can’t keyword pack your website for better rankability, you should have keywords that are pertinent to your business. For example, if you would like to appear under ‘Tanning Salon in Calgary’, you should have a minimum of 500 words including ‘Tanning Salon in Calgary’ 4-6 times.

Why SEO?

Simple: you can’t afford not to. The first page of Google captures 71% of search traffic clicks. This means that if you’re not found, your competitors will be and you’ll be missing out on sales.

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