8 Tips To Drive Traffic From Your Social Media To Your Website

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There are over 2.77 billion people who use social media around the world. Considering the huge number, turning to social media to drive traffic towards your website seems to be a worthwhile effort.

Here are some of the tips you can use to make the most of your social networks:

Set up Account

Most businesses use major social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to set up their accounts. You can start by first creating a personal page with your real name and real face and then create a business page for official news of your brand.


Make sure you update as much as possible and share your business page updates on your personal page as well. It is recommended that you update several times a week and multiple times a day so that your users might not miss anything.

Versatile Content

Social media users these days are more interested in visual content like videos, infographics, slideshows and live-streaming content than lengthy text. One of the most engaging types of content on social media these days are live Q & A sessions that allow a brand to interact with its user in real time.

Share Other Brand’s Content

When you share content from another site, the page owner will get a notification and they will become aware of your brand. As a sign of goodwill, they may also share your content on their page and get you even more potential traffic.

Ask for Engagement

Always ask your users to engage with your brand by subscribing or getting notifications. YouTube has several creative ways it can give people a call-to-action.

Reply Soon

Responding quickly to your users’ concerns shows that you care about them. Also, make use of a chatbox for when you are not online.

Competitor Analysis

Do a simple research of your competitors’ social media strategies to see which approaches work best for them. You can then customize those tactics to suit your brand.

Paid Ads

Although organic traffic goes a long way, paid promotions can help you reach a wider audience which you otherwise would never have access to.

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5 Types of Social Media Content You Should Start Using

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While every business tries to share as much content as they can on social media, not all types of content work. Without a strong social media strategy, you will fall behind your competition.

Here are some awesome types of content that you can share on social media:


Although podcasts have been around for a very long time, they have gained a lot of momentum in recent times. They help your website get more listeners. You can share the links to your podcast on your Facebook and Twitter so that users do not have to go to an external page to listen to them.


Facebook Livestream is all the rage these days. About 80% of users would rather watch your video than read your blog. Once you have finished your livestream, Facebook lets you decide whether you want the content available for view afterward for those who missed it. You can also use it to generate leads; just request your views to click a specific link in the comment section and fill out a form to promote an asset you are talking about.


Infographics are beautiful and informative. In fact, research shows that people are 323 times more likely to retain information accompanied with visuals than text alone. There are several online tools that can help you create infographics that can get you a lot of high-quality engagement. You can even share your infographics with key companies and they may consider sharing it online on their social channels. Social media companies in Calgary can also provide you with this service.


You can upload and share your webinar on Facebook and YouTube and even host it on sites like Wistia. You may also want to gate them so that you can create an email list of your relevant visitors. Tell your followers to subscribe so that they can view future webinars as well.


Your ebooks can be an amazing source of leads if you share them across your social media platforms. You can also make use of the paid advertising on Facebook so that your ebook is promoted to your specific target audience.


Before you share anything on social media, make sure it is what your audience wants. The best way to do that is to research your audience and test the different types of content initially. C2Media is a social media company in Calgary which can help create a great marketing strategy for you. You can contact them on 403-971-8199 or info@c2media.ca.